When Is the Best Time to Have a Tree Removed

Trees are uprooted and removed each month, every day, all year long. Trees get sick, properties need tidying, and branches present hazards, especially during and after storms. If a tree is posing a problem it is best to call a tree removal company right away so that danger is mitigated. That said, when it comes to routine tree removal and annual cleaning, there is a particular time of year that is best for ridding a lawn, yard, or property of unwanted or ill trees: mid-to-late winter and very early spring are the best times to get rid of trees. 

Why Late December to Middle of March Is the Optimal Time to Remove Trees 


1. This is the dormant season, the time of year when trees are not flowering, growing leaves, and blooming. 

This means the trees are at their lightest and easiest to work with. This is good for tree removal companies and property owners alike; for tree removal companies, it makes the job simpler. Tree removal experts won’t be battling full branches and can more swiftly take down a tree. For property owners, it is less of a hassle: tree removal teams can more expeditiously take down trees, minimizing the inconvenience and also keeping properties tidier as leaves won’t be scattered about.

2. The cold ground during this hibernal season also holds the tree firm, making it stay in place during the removal process. 

This is safer for the workers — and also the surrounding homes and property so no accidents occur. 

3. This can also be an advantageous tree removal time for buyers. 

The holidays and start of the new year are not as busy a time for landscaping jobs before springtime hits, so getting this job done earlier on may be easier for consumers when tree removal companies are not as busy. Sometimes there is a lower price as an incentive during this time, too.

While wintertime is the easiest season for taking down trees, it does not mean you should wait for snow and cold weather to remove your trees 

On the contrary, hazardous trees should be removed sooner rather than later. If a tree is losing bark, looking brittle, or was damaged in a storm, call a tree removal company right away. Stray branches can fly off and damage a car, break a window, or seriously hurt a person below. If you are suspicious about the longevity or well-being of a tree, better be safe than sorry. Take a tour of your property now and then, especially after a storm, and identify suspect trees. 

When it comes to routine maintenance, however, winter is the best season for a general assessment of trees and ease of removal. 


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