What to Look for in a Tree Removal Company

Looking through tree removal companies to find a local business that’s right for you? Good news: you’re already on the right path by doing your research and investing in a tree removal company, which will save you money in the long run. Though decorative, trees can also be a liability, especially when they are not cared for and storms are on the way. But what should you look for when investigating which tree removal company is the right fit?

Here Are 5 Things to Consider When on the Hunt for the Right Tree Company


1. Insurance

This is perhaps one of the most important factors to seek out before hiring a professional company. Tree removal can be a dangerous project — of course, experts will see that it is executed deftly, but mother nature can get in the way. You want to guarantee your home is covered in the event of any mishaps and how workers’ comp is also handled in case any mishaps happen while workers are on your property.

2. Quality

You deserve to hire the best. That means checking references: you can ask the tree removal company for their references, but note that they will give you a tailored list of trusted clients. Ask around and seek out word of mouth to get a fair representation of a company’s work. You can also scout out the properties of those who use the business to see how they look. This will help give a visual, clearer sense of what you can expect when the company comes to your door.

3. Communication

First impressions are important. When you call or email the company, what kind of response did you get? You’ll want answers that are respectful and timely. You should also not be afraid to ask questions about employee credentials and removal equipment used. Finally, communication should be clear in terms of when you can expect workers to come to your property and how long a job should take.

 4. Pricing

Pricing is, of course, another major factor to keep in mind. You want prices that are affordable but fair and speak to the level of craftsmanship the tree removal company will bring to a project. You should also do your homework: call around to a couple of other companies to make sure the one you’ve landed on isn’t price gouging you. And when you do get a price point that works, make sure you get it in writing so the terms are set and there are no surprises when the invoice shows up.

5. Care for Your Trees

You’ll want to assess how the workers treat your property and trees during the job and how it all looks afterward. Be firm about what trees are dead and need removal or work and which are living and should not be touched. You don’t want any undo damage on your precious trees that keep your property beautiful and full.

Boulder Tree is an expert tree removal and care company working throughout northern New Jersey. Our trusted team can help with multiple tree and property upkeep services — give us an email or call and you can expect a prompt response and quote that meets your needs.

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