Need a Tree Trimming Service? Why You Should Hire a Professional

Many homeowners consider tree trimming a DIY project and there are some that ignore the task altogether. It is important to preserve the health and appearance of your trees. Rather than attempt it yourself, it’s a good idea to hire a professional tree trimming service. Letting the professionals take this task off your to-do list is a worthwhile investment that provides numerous benefits.

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Tree Health

Properly pruning or trimming trees is important to keep them healthy. In addition to removing dead branches and limbs, tree trimming promotes strength and growth. For flowering or fruit-bearing trees, it will increase production. Tree trimming increases the amount of sun and air circulation the tree receives. This improves the health of the tree as well as the landscape surrounding it. Tree trimming will also improve the appearance of your trees as well as your landscape. However, it is critical that the trimming is done properly and at the correct time. Improper trimming could be as detrimental to the health of your trees as ignoring the task. To ensure that trimming is done correctly it’s best to hire a professional tree trimming service.

Experience and Equipment

Trimming your trees might seem easy enough but it can be dangerous. Not only can amateur tree trimming damage the tree but it can also result in property damage or personal injury. The average homeowner doesn’t possess the experience or all of the proper equipment to do the job without putting themselves at risk. A professional crew will arrive with not only experience but all of the proper equipment. Hiring a tree trimming service will ensure that the task is completed safely.

Preventative Maintenance

During regular tree trimming service, a professional will be able to evaluate your trees and identify disease or deterioration. Both of these can impact the health of your trees. They can also turn a beautiful tree into a safety hazard. Property damage or personal injury caused by a fallen branch or tree doesn’t happen every day, but it does happen. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, on average, there are over 100 landscape and tree fall fatalities every year. Being proactive and identifying potential tree hazards before they become serious can help prevent accidents and injuries. 

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Tree Removal

It can be sad to see a tree that has graced your landscape for years cut down. Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary. A diseased or insect-infested tree isn’t just a safety hazard. The disease and infestation can spread to other trees on your property. When you hire a tree trimming service, make sure they offer complete tree services. If it is determined that a tree has to be removed, you want the crew on-site to be able to handle the task. Not only is it a hassle to have to call a separate company to get rid of the tree, but it will also probably end up being more expensive. Professional tree removal should include stump grinding as well.

Professional Tree Trimming Service

Boulder Hill Tree Service offers complete tree trimming and removal services. We started as a full-service, residential tree care, and removal company but have since grown and expanded into a diversified contractor. In addition to our tree trimming service, and tree and stump removal services, we also offer land clearing, and tree storm damage services. 

We proudly serve a wide range of residential, commercial, and municipal/governmental customers as well as schools, universities, golf courses, and real estate developers. Contact us for a free estimate today!

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