Tree Safety Assessment – Is It Time for Professional Tree Removal?

Trees can greatly enhance the appearance of your home’s landscape. Yet, despite their beauty and the shade they provide, there are situations where a tree can become a safety hazard and may need to be removed. Many homeowners often don’t notice the warning signs and never call a professional tree removal service until it becomes an emergency. There are things you should look out for and address quickly before any damage is done and costly repairs become necessary. 

Signs Tree Removal May be Necessary

The trees in your yard should be inspected regularly for signs of damage or disease. Keep in mind, not all the warning signs that a tree may need to be removed are obvious. Here are some things to watch out for.

Root Rot

This can weaken the tree’s foundation, causing it to become unstable and dangerous. It is often caused by poor drainage. Examine the base of the tree. If you see fungi such as mushrooms growing or soil disturbance, look to see if there are yellow leaves or dead branches. If you notice these signs, it’s time to call a professional tree removal service. They will be able to determine if the root rot has progressed to the point where tree removal is the only solution.

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Peeling Bark

A healthy tree will naturally shed bark throughout the year, revealing new bark underneath. If you notice spots where the bark has peeled away, leaving a bare spot, it is cause for concern. When noticed early, the tree may be able to be saved but if you notice multiple areas of bare wood, tree removal will most likely be necessary.

Storm Damage

It is important to inspect the trees on your property after every storm. Heavy rain, snow, or high winds can cause significant damage. If you notice any damaged or uprooted trees, don’t try to deal with them yourself, especially if they are tangled in power lines or have fallen on your house. A professional tree removal service will know how to remove those trees safely, without causing any additional damage.

Splitting Tree Trunk

The trunk of a tree functions much like a person’s spine. It holds the tree upright and transports water and nutrients to the rest of the tree. With a healthy tree, the trunk will be solid and strong. If the tree is weakened by damage, disease, or insect infestation, you will begin to notice cracks in the trunk. Once the trunk begins to split and the tree’s support system is compromised, there is little hope of saving it. A tree in this condition will also become a safety hazard, making professional tree removal a necessity.

Prevent Property Damage

Often when a tree is originally planted, we don’t realize how big that tree might get. A tree that used to be a safe distance from your house may now be posing a threat. Are there branches hanging above your roof that could cause damage if they were to break? In a case like that, professional tree removal may not be necessary. However, the branches in question should be removed.

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Doing this yourself could result in property damage or personal injury. It is best to have a professional tree service come out, access the situation, and safely remove any branches that could cause damage. The same goes for damaged trees. By leaving them in place, you are subjecting yourself to potential property damage or personal injury. Professional tree removal is the best way to prevent this from happening.

Professional Tree Removal

Boulder Hill Tree Service can handle all types of tree removal. We also offer pruning and land clearing services. We proudly serve a wide range of residential, commercial, and municipal/governmental customers as well as schools, universities, golf courses, and real estate developers. Contact us for a free estimate today!


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