Tree Removal Contractors – Hire Turnkey Service That Does It All

Tree removal isn’t a DIY project. It is much more complicated and hazardous than it appears. You definitely don’t want to attempt to do it yourself, hire tree removal contractors instead. However, you want to make sure the contractor you hire can do it all, from evaluation and taking the tree down to stump removal.

Tree Evaluation

Tree removal contractors will come to your home or business and evaluate the tree causing concern. They will examine the tree to determine if maintenance such as pruning or removing dead branches could save the tree. If proper maintenance is not a viable alternative to tree removal, the tree must be removed.

Taking a tree down is one of the most dangerous jobs that a tree service can perform. When a tree must be removed, the contractor will assess the situation to determine the best removal method. They will identify potential property risks and figure out how to mitigate them.  Once they have devised a plan to safely remove the tree, the real work begins.

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Tree Removal

When taking a tree down, a contractor will usually begin by removing branches, starting with the lower ones and working their way up. After the branches have been removed, the contractor will start cutting down the trunk in sections. Tree removal contractors use ropes, pulleys, and other tree climbing equipment to reach the treetop. They also use specialized rigging equipment to support large branches.

However, tree removal not only involves specialized equipment but requires a high level of skill as well. To prevent property damage or personal injury, it is essential to control the fall of the branches and trunk sections so that they land where the contractor intends. To achieve this, how and where the cuts are made is extremely important. Once everything is on the ground, it’s time to clean up.

Stump Removal 

Have you ever driven by a property and seen tree trunk sections, a pile of branches, or a big stump that was left behind? This is why it is important to hire turnkey tree removal contractors that can offer complete service, from tree evaluation and removal to stump grinding. This ensures the job will be completed thoroughly without having to hire multiple contractors.

Tree cutting contractors

Tree stumps left untrimmed can lead to new growth. Stump grinding involves using equipment specialized for this purpose. The grinding tool is placed on the stump and used to grind until the ground area around it is even with the surrounding grass or soil.

There are a couple of ways to dispose of the branches and trunk section but the most efficient way is with a tub grinder. This is a piece of equipment that can grind up branches, brush, and logs, turning the wood waste into a renewable resource. When a turnkey contractor performs tree removal, nothing is left behind.

Turnkey Tree Removal Contractors -They Can Do It All

If you want one contractor to handle your tree removal from start to finish, you need to call Boulder Hill Tree Service. We have the equipment and the experience to safely remove trees and remove all the resulting debris to leave your property in the best shape possible. 

Boulder Hill Tree Service is a turnkey contractor that offers complete tree trimming and removal services. In addition to pruning and tree and stump removal services, we also offer land clearing and storm damage tree services. 

We proudly serve a wide range of residential, commercial, and municipal/governmental customers as well as schools, universities, golf courses, and real estate developers. Contact us for a free estimate today!


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