The Tub Grinder – Recycling Land Clearing Debris

When clearing a lot for commercial or residential construction, all the brush and most, if not all of the trees need to be removed. This can create a lot of green waste that will need to be hauled away. You may be thinking “What about firewood?” or “Can’t it be sent to the lumber mill?” These are all valid questions. Unfortunately, many of the trees taken down during land clearing are appropriate for either of these purposes. However, there is another way those trees can be reused. Many tree services and land clearing companies take all the fallen trees and brush and run them through a tub grinder, reducing them to mulch.

What is tub grinding

What is a Tub Grinder? 

The tub grinder was originally designed to handle logging slash and lumber mill waste. Once it was run through the tub grinder, the waste wood was used for boiler fuel. Introduced in the early 1980s to recycle wood and green waste, they were often used in landfills for reduction purposes. Composting operations also discovered a new source of mulch to be used as a carbon source. That mulch soon found its way into landscaping replacing the bark and pine needles that were traditionally used.

The industrial tub grinder is a basically “wood chipper” but a much more powerful one then you might see being used in your neighborhood to clean up fallen branches after a storm. They are extremely large machines, typically about 50 feet long, and can process almost 100 tons of debris per hour. Non-industrial wood chippers and grinders need to be fed manually. Tub grinders have a large opening either on the top or on the side. This allows them to feed trees, green waste, and vegetative debris using heavy machinery.

Benefits of Tub Grinding

Reduces Waste – Fallen trees, branches, and vegetative debris can be large and bulky. This makes it more difficult and labor-intensive to remove from a cleared lot. Running it through the tub grinder which grinds it into rough ground, natural colored mulch size pieces reducing the volume of the green waste. 

Reduces Pollution – A once-popular way to dispose of fallen trees and vegetative debris, open burning is discouraged as it pollutes the air and surrounding land areas. Tub grinding provides a much more eco-friendly solution. The end product of tub grinding can be repurposed as mulch or may in some cases still end up in a landfill. However, it will have little impact on the environment and will degrade much quicker.  

Improves Job Site Efficiency -The tub grinder is brought to the job site. It can feed the end product directly into the truck or trailer for removal. This makes lot clearing and cleanup much more efficient. There will be no cut logs or uprooted stumps left behind to deal with. All the green waste cleared from the lot is ground up and either hauled away or stockpiled to be used on-site.

tree tub grinder

Tub Grinding By Boulder Hill Tree Service

Whether you’re clearing a lot for new construction or removing trees for golf courses, facility, or municipality maintenance, it’s best to hire a company that provides mobile tub grinding. Boulder Hill Tree Service has all the necessary equipment to complete the grinding process on-site. The equipment includes Morbark 1300 tub grinders and excavators equipped with stump shears and grapples. We also have 100-yard capacity walking floor tractor trailers to haul the debris away if needed. 

In addition to our land clearing and tub grinding services, we also offer pruning, removal, and storm damage clean-up to take care of all your tree service needs. We proudly serve a wide range of residential, commercial, and municipal/governmental customers. Contact us today to get a free estimate for your project.


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