Tree removal

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We love trees, but when trees develop problems such as decay and other structural issues, removal must be considered. Boulder Hill Tree Service has the equipment and experienced manpower to perform everything from removing a few unwanted shrubs to the largest, most technical tree removal. We are trusted by everyone from individual homeowners to municipalities, golf courses, and school districts, to perform critical and hazardous tree removals.

When should a tree be removed? Trees add beauty and value to your property. They help filter out noise from roadways, provide privacy and shade, and help supply the environment with oxygen. However, sometimes trees can be dangerous to structures around them or threaten endangerment for you or your family. Something as simple as a limb falling from a tree can have catastrophic consequences for you or your property.

A tree can look questionable, even if it isn’t dead. If a trees roots are interfering with your foundation of your home, or affecting your driveway or patio, it may be time to call us to consider removing that tree.

Whichever your tree may be, Boulder Hill Tree Service has the certified people and equipment to make sure the job is done right.

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We proudly serve a wide range of residential, commercial, and municipal/governmental customers. If you have a project in mind, contact Boulder Hill Tree Service today for a complimentary estimate.