Land Clearing Services – Why Hire a Turnkey Contractor

When taking on a new construction project, clearing the land is one of the first steps to get things off to a smooth start. On any construction site, the fewer subcontractors the better. The same is true when it comes to clearing the land. Whether it is a commercial or residential project, it’s best to hire a contractor that offers turnkey land clearing services. Having a single land clearing contractor to handle your project from start to finish can provide numerous benefits.

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Better Communication

The more people involved in a project, the greater the chances are of there being some sort of miscommunication. When you hire a company that offers turnkey land clearing services, you will deal with the same contractor throughout your entire project. This eliminates the opportunity for miscommunication because you are not dealing with a middleman. You are working one-on-one with the contractor in charge of the project. They are actively supervising their team, not handing off different parts of the project to various subcontractors.

Multiple Skill Sets

A turnkey contractor will have a team of skilled professionals. While they may be cross-trained to perform a variety of tasks, they each have their own areas of expertise. In the case of land clearing services, a turnkey crew will have a specific team member for each part of the job, from planning to execution. There won’t be any subcontractors hired for any part of the project. Having a team that works together all the time rather than multiple subcontractors that are unfamiliar with each other makes for a smoother, more efficient project.


Equipment is another benefit of a turnkey land clearing contractor. They will have all the equipment needed and a crew with the skill and experience to operate and maintain it properly. There is no last-minute rush to rent a piece of equipment necessary to get the job done. If they’re renting equipment, there’s a good chance they have very little experience operating it.

More Cost-Effective

Turnkey land clearing services can also help control the cost of your project. When multiple subcontractors are hired to complete a project, the cost of the project often increases. Looking to make their own profit on the project, each subcontractor will add a small percentage to their fee. If you have one subcontractor removing the trees, one hauling them away, and another one grinding the stumps, that small percentage can really add up. Multiple contractors also increase the possibility of miscommunication, which can cause project delays or costly mistakes. If it becomes necessary to rent the equipment they don’t own, the rental fee will also be included in the cost of your project. Hiring a company that offers complete land clearing services provided entirely by their own team, will result in a cost-effective, on-time completion.

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Professional Land Clearing Services

Boulder Hill Tree Services can handle your project from start to finish, all under one roof. We are a complete land clearing, tree removal, and grubbing company. We work with various clients with different needs and expectations. Our clients include home builders and developers, golf courses, municipalities, and government agencies. In addition, we offer residential land clearing for homeowners who want to increase the size of their backyard, install a pool, or remove trees for a new home addition. With our specialized equipment and experienced operating crew, we are prepared for any project, no matter the size or how challenging. Ready to get started on your project? Contact us today!


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