How Often Should You Trim Your Trees

Tree trimming is an important part of lawn care — think of it like getting a haircut, we all need one every now and then to stay fresh! And while tree trimming is partially cosmetic, it also plays a key role in maintaining the life and vitality of your tree. With that said, homeowners routinely ask us how often they should trim their trees — and how, and why. So, we’ve provided some important tree pruning information below.

Some common questions about the importance of tree trimming and keeping our leafy friends healthy and strong


How often do I need to trim my trees?

It depends. The kind of tree you have will dictate how frequently you should trim. It will vary, but here are some general rules: 

  • Evergreens generally do not require tree trimming; as their name suggests they are good to stay green and full all year round. 
  • Trees that bear any fruits will need to be trimmed once a year. This is normally done in winter before there is any new growth. 
  • For more standard trees you see in lawns and homes, the answer depends on the age of the tree. Mature trees can go about four years before needing a fresh trim; younger trees should be trimmed every two.

When do I need to trim my trees?

For most trees, there isn’t necessarily a bad time to remove dead, diseased, or distressed branches. Doing so periodically can prolong your tree’s life and keep your home and property safe. Generally speaking, however, mid-to-late winter is the best time to trim your tree so that you can encourage new growth. Trees will not bloom during dormancy, and it is also, on a practical level, easier to spot bad branches when they are barren. Cutting trees in the cold means when warmer weather comes new growth will come in much easier. Tree trimming can be delicate, and snow and precipitation can make cutting harder, so be sure to do so in clear conditions.

Why is it important to prune my trees?

Routinely trimming your trees provides a number of crucial benefits. From an aesthetic standpoint, it keeps your property looking sharp and maintains the proper shape of your tree. However, trimming also has safety benefits: loose branches are more likely to snap in storms, falling or being taken with the wind and causing damage to homes, cars, and power lines. For young trees, trimming plays an important role in helping the tree grow strong and tall. Trimming also helps with airflow and allows more sunlight to come into the tree; ridding your tree of dead or weak branches decreases competition, also meaning water can be more evenly distributed to the tree. Overall, trimming helps strengthen and extend the life of your trees.

Looking to trim your trees? It can be an involved process, and one that requires care and expertise. Boulder Hill Tree Service professionally handles trimming for all kinds of trees, satisfying many customers and keeping so many northern New Jersey lawns safe and clean. Get in touch to learn more about our services and get a free consultation.

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