Don’t Just Google Tree Trimming Near Me – What You Need to Know

It’s become second nature to most of us. If we are looking for a specific type of business, we ask Google. While that might be a great place to start when searching for the services you need, it’s a good idea to do a little more research before deciding which company you should hire. This is especially true where hiring a tree trimming and removal service. Googling ‘tree trimming near me’ will provide you with a list of local tree services in your area. However, when contacting them, there are questions you should ask to determine if you are hiring an experienced, reputable company. Just because they show up at the top of the search results when you google ‘tree trimming near me’ doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best company for the job. Here’s what you need to know.  

Tree trimming services near me

Is the Company Licenced and Insured?

This should be at the top of your checklist when comparing tree trimming services. All companies performing tree work in New Jersey must have at least one employee who is licensed. To receive a license, individuals must meet certain minimum qualifications and then pass an exam. In addition to the proper licensing, you need to make sure that the tree trimming service you choose is fully insured. Tree trimming and removal have their own unique challenges and there is a certain amount of risk involved. Hiring a company without first making sure they have could result in you being liable for any damage or injury that could occur.

Are They Experienced with Projects Like Yours?

Once you are sure the companies you are considering are licensed and fully insured, you’ll want to learn more about their experience. How long they’ve been in business? What type of experience do they have? These are good questions to ask. It’s important that they fully understand the scope of your project and have the proper equipment and experience to complete your project successfully.

Ask for References

When you google ‘tree trimming near me’, the search will also provide you with the opportunity to check out the reviews of the companies you are considering. While these reviews can be helpful, it’s a good idea to ask if the company can provide you with references. These can be in the form of case studies or contact information for previous customers with similar projects. In addition to Google reviews, you can also check the company’s website for client testimonials.

What Does Each Company’s Estimate Include?

When comparing estimates from tree trimming services, it is important to consider more than just the price. You also need to compare services and experience. Before hiring the company with the lowest estimate, make sure it includes all the necessary services. Tree trimming should include clean up and removal of all debris. If you need tree removal, do you want the stump removed as well? If so, you need to make sure the companies you are considering offer stump grinding and have the proper equipment. It could end up costing you more if you have to hire a second company to do the stump grinding. 

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If You’re Googling Tree Trimming Near Me…

Boulder Hill Tree Service can handle all your tree trimming and removal needs. We started as a full service, residential tree removal, and tree care company but have since grown and expanded into a diversified contractor. In addition to our tree trimming and removal services, we also offer land clearing and tree storm damage services. We proudly serve a wide range of residential, commercial, and municipal/governmental customers as well as schools, universities, golf courses, and real estate developers. Contact us for a free estimate today!

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