Golf Course Tree Management Services – Preparing for Winter

Winter officially begins next month but with the temperatures already dropping, golf course managers are getting ready to kick cold weather preparations into high gear. Whether your course closes down during the winter months or is open year-round for those diehard golf enthusiasts, protecting your fairways and greens against the cold weather is a number one priority. However, not all of these preparations take place on the ground. The health and maintenance of the trees lining the fairways are crucial to keeping your course beautiful throughout the winter and the rest of the year. While some golf course managers leave tree management to their in-house staff, they are not always equipped with the experience and equipment to handle the job properly. Professional golf course tree management services can take care of everything overhead while your groundskeeping crew takes care of the rest.

The Benefits of Golf Course Tree Management 

There is no doubt that a groundskeeper could prune a few low-hanging branches if necessary. However, it takes more than a little pruning to keep the trees and turf happily coexisting, especially during the winter. That’s where golf course tree management services come in.

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Sunlight Exposure 

While trees may add beauty and provide shade for players during the warmer weather, the sun exposure balance between the trees and turf is delicate. No matter what time of year, it’s important that the turf gets the proper amount of sunlight. With fewer hours of daylight during the winter months, this can be a challenge. 

Summer accelerates tree growth and creates more shade. To ensure that turf receives ample sunlight as winter approaches, tree pruning may be necessary. Knowing when and where to prune to preserve tree health is important. Tree management services will know how to trim each tree properly. They will also have the equipment to prune the entire tree, providing more sunlight exposure and enhancing the tree’s appearance.

Soil Moisture and Nutrients

Although the fairways, greens, and trees require less water during the winter, their health depends on the moisture and nutrients they get from the soil. This leaves the turf and trees competing for water and nutrients to thrive. It is a battle that the tree will usually win. 

Root pruning can be an equalizer, especially in the areas surrounding the greens. It is crucial to the health of the tree that the root pruning is done correctly. Hiring professional tree management services will prevent improper root pruning that can cause the tree to die.

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Tree Removal

Before winter begins is a great time to evaluate golf course trees and determine if any need to be removed. There are a couple of reasons tree removal may be necessary. Unhealthy or dead trees can pose a risk to the turf and players. The harsh winds and weight of snow can further weaken a dying or dead tree, causing it to fall without warning. A fallen tree will damage the surrounding turf, and while players won’t be on the course in bad weather, a dead tree may not fall until the course reopens.

Thinning out tree growth is also another good reason for pre-winter tree removal.  Every few years, tree growth should be evaluated to determine if it is detrimental to the turf. Removing trees before winter arrives gives groundskeepers ample time to restore the areas where trees are removed before warm weather and the prime golfing season returns.

Professional Golf Course Tree Management

Last but not least, another good reason to hire professional tree management services for your golf course is safety. Tree management and removal can be risky for those with experience. Amature tree management can be a recipe for disaster.

Boulder Hill Tree Service provides professional golf course tree management services to keep your golf course safe and beautiful. From seasonal pruning to major tree removal, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for a free estimate.


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