Benefits Of Tree and Land Clearing During Winter

Do you have land that needs to be cleared but you‘re thinking it might be better to wait until spring? If the winter temperatures are what’s holding you back, there’s no need to wait. Winter is actually a great time to schedule tree and land clearing. While the crew will have to bundle up in cold weather gear, there are more than a few benefits to having your land cleared during winter.

Solid Ground

One of the biggest benefits of having your lot cleared during the winter months is working on solid ground. The process of removing trees and brush from a vacant lot involves heavy equipment. The frozen winter ground provides more support. During warmer months, the ground is softer and provides less support. This makes it more difficult for heavy-duty machinery to move about the lot. Because this can slow down the process, tree and land clearing during the winter can be more efficient. 

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Less Precipitation

Because there is typically less rain, winter provides the ideal weather conditions for tree and land clearing. Not only does the rain make the ground soft and slippery to navigate, but the moisture soaks the trees and brush, making them heavier and harder to move. Wet ground conditions and added weight make the job harder and potentially more hazardous for the crew and equipment.

Minimal Soil Disturbance

Conducting tree and land clearing during the warmer months when the ground is softer and subject to more precipitation can result in more soil disturbance. When the soil is disrupted, it can reduce the population of beneficial soil organisms. It can also require more work to prepare and level the lot. Clearing the land of trees and bush when the ground is solid can minimize soil disturbance.

What About Snow?

While a heavy snowfall would put tree and land clearing on hold, a couple of inches can be beneficial. It can provide an extra layer of protection against soil disturbance.

Clearer Landscape

Plants are dormant during the winter months. This means there will be less brush and other vegetation to contend with while doing tree and land clearing. The less there is to remove, the faster the job can be completed. Less to remove also means there will be less soil disruption.

Prep for Spring

Spring is typically when building, landscaping, and other land development takes place. Waiting until spring to schedule tree and land clearing can delay these activities. Constructions projects are set back and planting may take place too late in the season. Clearing land during the winter months will allow for ample prep time before spring arrives.

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Professional Tree Land Clearing Services

Boulder Hill Tree Service offers commercial and residential land clearing. We are a complete land clearing, tree removal, and grubbing company. We work with various clients with different needs and expectations. Our clients include home builders and developers, golf courses, municipalities, and government agencies. 

With our specialized equipment and experienced operating crew, we are prepared for any project, no matter the size or how challenging.  We can handle your project from start to finish, all under one roof. We are equipped to clear large parcels of land for commercial development. We also provide residential services for homeowners who want to increase the size of their backyard, install a pool, or remove trees for a new home addition. Ready to get started on your project? Contact us today!


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