Understanding the Benefits of Land Clearing for New Construction

With every new construction project, it’s always exciting to see the forms built in preparation for the foundation. While it is considered to be the beginning of new construction, the project actually starts before the concrete footings that the foundation will rest on are even poured. The first step in new construction is land clearing. Although it is viewed by some as an assault on the environment, land clearing is necessary to get the construction process off to a good start. Let’s take a look at the benefits of land clearing.

Commercial land clearing


Safety is just one of the benefits of land clearing. Uncleared land can pose a variety of hazards. Not only can thick brush make it difficult for workers to navigate the site but it also provides a place for dangerous wildlife such as snakes to hide. If caught by surprise, snakes often attack. In addition to making it safe for the construction crew, the lack of safe hiding spots will encourage wildlife to seek a more secluded environment, making the property safer after the building is complete and in use.

Removing the thick brush will also make it easier for the land clearing crew to identify other issues that need to be addressed, such as old stumps or dead tree limbs tangled up in the brush.

Reduce the Risk of Fire

Fire prevention is among the benefits of land clearing. Large amounts of dry brush and dead trees are a natural tinderbox for fire and pose a real threat to uncleared land. Whether it is a vacant lot waiting to be developed or already under construction, controlling vegetation growth and eliminating excess brush and trees can significantly reduce the risk of fire. 

Pest Control

Another one of the benefits of land clearing is pest control. Dead trees and old stumps are a breeding ground for termites and other pests. By removing their natural habitat, you can prevent any future infestation and insect damage to the new construction. 

Environmental Stability 

While making way for new construction is one of the most common, there are other benefits of land clearing. A vacant lot left unattended can become so overgrown that all the trees and vegetation end up competing for nutrition. As a result, some of them lose the battle and become unhealthy or die. Thinning out the growth on a vacant lot will help provide the proper nutrients and promote the healthy growth of any trees that remain. Should the land be intended for agricultural purposes, land clearing is an essential step in preparing for successful crop growth.

the clearing of trees


Whether it’s for new construction or a vacant lot that’s up for sale, appearances matter. Mature tree growth may add charm to the landscape around a new home or building. However, too many will make the property look overgrown and cluttered. The same goes for a vacant lot. A potential developer will have difficulty envisioning their project if the lot is so overgrown they can’t even access it. The old saying “You can’t see the forest for the trees” would apply in a case like this. 

Ready to Reap the Benefits of Land Clearing?

Then there’s only one thing left to do. Make sure you hire the professionals at Boulder Hill Tree Service. We are a full-service, land clearing, tree removal, and grubbing company that works with various clients, each with different needs and expectations. Our clients include home builders and developers, golf courses, municipalities, and government agencies. Our equipment and extensive experience will ensure your land clearing project is completed safely and efficiently. Contact us for all your land clearing needs.


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