Benefits of Hiring Commercial Tree Services

When you own or operate a business, you know that its appearance can greatly influence public perception. The exterior is the first thing your customers see and of course, first impressions are everything. The upkeep of the exterior of your business is just as important as the interior. If the outside isn’t well-kept and inviting, some customers may never make it inside. Trees can be a great addition to your landscaping. However, if they are not properly cared for and maintained, they become an eyesore and a safety hazard. With proper pruning and tree removal, commercial tree services can help keep the exterior of your business looking good and address any issues that could pose a risk.


As we already mentioned, appearances are important. A well-maintained exterior will not only make your business more inviting but also shows the pride you take in it. Meticulously manicured trees can be a great asset to the exterior of your business. However, keeping up with that maintenance can be more than a business owner can handle in-house. Properly caring for trees takes skill, expertise, and expensive equipment. Pruning mature trees can be dangerous for an amateur and purchasing the proper equipment is costly. Hiring commercial tree services can be a much safer and more cost-effective solution.


Commercial tree removal



Hiring commercial tree services isn’t just about appearances. It’s about protecting your business against liability for personal injury. If a dead branch is left unattended and should fall and hit someone on their way to enter your business, you’re looking at a personal injury lawsuit. If it falls on a customer’s car you could be liable for property damage. Scheduling regular inspections and maintenance with commercial tree services can minimize the risk of personal injury or property damage.

Easy Access

While mature trees are beautiful, if left unpruned, they can hinder building repairs. Trees that have filled out close to your building or branches over the roof of any structure on your property can be a problem. If repairs need to be made to the building and the tree limbs are in the way, it will make the work more difficult. This could cause repairs to take longer and end up costing more. Tree limbs over a roof could also result in damage if they break off and fall on the roof. Having trees pruned back from the building by commercial tree services will greatly reduce the risk of limited access or structure damage.

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Removal of Dead Trees

Unfortunately, due to things like disease and insect infestation, trees can die. Once a tree dies, it begins to decay. This can result in branches falling from the tree or the whole tree becoming unstable and possibly falling over. This can cause property damage or personal injury. It also makes it more hazardous to remove. Removing a dying or dead tree is not a DIY project – it should be handled by commercial tree services.

Professional Commercial Tree Services

Boulder Hill Tree Service can handle all your tree commercial tree survival needs. We started out as a full-service, residential tree removal, and tree care company but have since grown and expanded into a diversified contractor. In addition to our tree pruning and removal services, we also offer land clearing and tree storm damage services. We proudly serve a wide range of residential, commercial, and municipal/governmental customers as well as schools, universities, golf courses, and real estate developers. Contact us for a free estimate today!


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