Tree Inspections & Consulting | Boulder Hill Tree & Excavating


Trees are faced with a myriad of problems and potential for damage in our urban and suburban areas. Insects, disease, drought, over-hydration, storm damage, improper pruning and construction damage. These are all factors in contributing to a tree’s demise. Boulder Hill Tree Service has a NJ Certified Tree Expert and ISA Certified Arborists on staff. We provide thorough tree inspections for health and safety concerns, as well as property and building site evaluations, and consultations as to the most appropriate plan of action to prevent, limit or deal with a defect or issue. Diagnosing the issues in a timely manner can save you money and save your tree or shrubs. Regular inspections are a major component in effective tree maintenance programs. Curing a problem once it develops is much more difficult, time consuming and more costly than preventing one. Boulder Hill Tree Service offers FREE tree health and safety inspections, as well as education as to defects and hazards in trees.