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Why Is It Important to be Certified by the NJ Board of Tree Experts?

Why Is It Important to be Certified by the NJ Board of Tree Experts?

The New Jersey Board of Tree Experts has existed since legislation passed in 1940, and since then, they’ve been awarding Certified Tree Expert (CTE) credentials to professionals who earn it. The CTE program has successfully been associated with some of the safest and most knowledgeable tree professionals in the state of New Jersey. As of April 2017, a new Act was passed, revamping the licensure program, introducing both the Licensed Tree Expert and Licensed Tree Care Operator. So, why does this matter to you, the business, or individual hiring a tree service or land clearing contractor? There are several reasons why you should only hire a certified company.

Pre-Exam Qualifications

To even take the exam to earn a license, there are specific requirements that must be met. These requirements ensure that anyone who earns the license is qualified and competent. Some qualification standards that individuals must meet include:

  • Have references from at least three professionals in the field.
  • Have earned a four-year degree in a relevant field (botany, forestry, etc.)
  • Have been employed in the field for over five years.
  • Have completed two years of college in relevant courses AND have three years of employment within the field.

Knowledgeable Professionals Who Continue to Learn

To achieve licensure from the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts, individuals have to complete an exam that proves their knowledge regarding trees, the maintenance involved, and so much more. Additionally, certified professionals are constantly continuing their education and are required to achieve a certain number of continuing education credits. Studying, and subsequently, passing these exams ensures that a Licensed Tree Care Operator is at the top of their game at all times.

Enhanced Safety Procedures

Licensed Tree Care Operators are required to ensure their employees are as safe as possible by training them on safety procedures and equipment usage. This training makes job sites safer for both LTCOs and anyone else present at the site, such as homeowners.

Relevant Insurance Coverage

LTCOs are required to carry liability insurance and provide workers compensation insurance. At Boulder Hill Tree Service, we carry tree insurance, not just landscaping insurance.

As you can see, to become a Licensed Tree Expert of a Licensed Tree Care Operator, you must be qualified. That’s why you should only hire an LTE or an LTCO for your job. It ensures you get the best in experience, safety, and dedication to tree service. Would you like to learn more about what makes Boulder Hill Tree Service different? Contact us today to find out.